1. Notebooks Service

1.1. Unique Features

EGI Notebooks provides the well-known Jupyter interface for notebooks with the following added features:

  • Integration with EGI Check-in for authentication, login with any EduGAIN or social accounts (e.g. Google, Facebook)
  • Persistent storage associated to each user, available in the notebooks environment.
  • Customisable with new notebook environments, expose any existing notebook to your users.
  • Runs on EGI e-Infrastructure so can easily use EGI compute and storage from your notebooks.

1.2. Service Modes

We offer different service modes depending on your needs:

  • Individual users can use the centrally operated service from EGI. Users, after lightweight approval, can login, write and play and re-play notebooks. Notebooks can use storage and compute capacity from the access.egi.eu Virtual Organisation. Request access via EGI marketplace.
  • User communities can have their customised EGI Notebooks service instance. EGI offers consultancy and support, as well as can operate the setup. Contact support@egi.eu to make an arrangement. A community specific setup allows the community to use the community’s own Virtual Organisation (i.e. federated compute and storage sites) for Jupyter, add custom libraries into Jupyter (e.g. discipline-specific analysis libraries) or have fine grained control on who can access the instance (based on the information available to the EGI Check-in AAI service).