4. Early adopter communities and Customisations

4.1. AGINFRA+/D4Science

An instance of the EGI notebooks is deployed for the AGINFRA+ project and made available via selected D4Science VREs. Besides the features described above, this instance has been further customised to support:

  • Embedding the EGI notebooks interface into the community we portal, no separate web browser windows or tab to access the notebooks functionality.
  • Integration of AAI between Notebooks and the community portal for single-sign on. Enabled users are automatically recognised by the notebooks.
  • Access to other VRE services from the notebooks using their personal token easily available in the notebooks environment.
  • File sharing between notebooks and the community web portal file space.

4.2. Other communities

  • OpenDreamKit Open Digital Research Environment Toolkit for the Advancement of Mathematics
  • IFREMER: Marine sciences