2. Data Management

1GB persistent storage for the notebooks is available as your home directory. Please note that files stored on any other folder will be lost when your notebook server is closed (which can happen if there is no activity for more than 1 hour!).

If you need to increase your persistent storage space, open a GGUS ticket to the Notebooks Support Unit

Access to other kinds of persistent storage for community specific instances that can be tailored to your specific needs and available storage systems.

2.1. Getting your data in

Your notebooks have full outgoing internet connectivity so you can connect to any external service to bring data in for analysis. We are evaluating integration with EOSC-hub services for facilitating the access to input data, with EGI DataHub as first target. Please contact support@egi.eu if you are interested in other I/O integrations.

2.2. Deposit output data

As with input data, you can connect to any external service to deposit the notebooks output.

2.3. Interfacing with EUDAT B2DROP

The Notebooks service is interoperable with the EUDAT B2DROP service, allowing a user to access files stored under his/her B2DROP account from the Notebooks. To use this feature you should sign up for a B2DROP account, upload files into it, then register the account in your Notebooks session. User guide about the steps is coming soon.